Bugs and Pests


Bad Bug / Pest What it Does How to Control Companion Plants Other Notes
Aphid Sucks life out of leaves–discoloration, leaf curl Ladybugs! Mint If out of control, mix and apply with spray bottle or pump sprayer:ΒΌ cup Listerine2 tsp dishwashing liquid

1 gallon water

Nematodes table sugar–sprinkle around base of affected plants Marigolds
Cabbage Worms Devour leaves Dipel Dust,Captain Jack’sThuricide MintRosemarySage


Colorado Potato Beetle Eat potatoes MarigoldsPick & squish
Tomato Horned Worm Eat tomatoes Pick & squish Pot Marigold
Rabbits Eat everything FenceGarlic PlantsBlood Meal

Dried Urine

Fire Ant Afflict and Torment Man Nature’s Guide Fire Ant Killer w/ 2% Pyrethrum
Bean Beetles Marigolds plus:RosemarySummer Savory
Squash Bug Pick & squish
Squash Borer Plant Icicle radish in circle around squash plant
Rat ShakeAway
Sow Bug Sluggo Plus
Good Bug What it Does How to Control Other Notes
Ladybug* Eats aphids If they hatch on your property they won’t leave *Except green ones; they’re not LadybugsTo introduce: water a shrub, then release them under it in the evening
Green Lace Wing Eats aphids and white flies Grow Varigated Privet to attract these
Garden Spider
Iffy Bugs
Praying Mantis Eats all small bugs, including beneficial ones
Wheel Bug Kills Squash Bugs, but also bees and other beneficials. Have a painful bite to humans
Box Elder Bug orange/black flat beetle – harmless