In gardening, timing is crucial.

There are specific (and sometimes very narrow) windows for performing certain tasks, especially planting.

If you’re like me, you may know that something needs to be done at some point in the future, and have every intention of doing so, but then forget when the time comes.

This free real-time alert system will send you email reminders regarding what you should be doing now (or in the very near future) for the crops you want to grow.

For example: around July 28 you will receive an email reminder of the following Fall planting dates:

Cucumbers – 8/1 – 8/15
Green Beans – 8/1 – 8/25
Corn – 8/1 – 8/25

Did you know if you want to harvest onions in the summer you have to set out the plants around Christmas? And if you want to start them from seed, you have to germinate them in flats weeks earlier? The alert system will ensure you’re reminded—especially since there is often a bit of other activity occurring in December that may distract you from your garden….

Please Note! These alerts are specifically applicable to those living in the North Texas area (Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding counties). Anyone may sign up for and receive these alerts, but the information will probably not be accurate or useful if you live in other parts of the country.

You may unsubscribe at any time, and your information will never be shared or sold.