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Showing North Texans how to grow fruit and vegetable gardens successfully—despite the challenging soil, climate, and pests.
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Want really locally grown food? Then dude—grow your own!
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Sharing secrets and tips learned from our own Suburban Farm in McKinney.
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Covering both in-ground and raised bed gardens (including square foot gardens).

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Latest Blog Post

I have finally discovered the secret to successfully growing strawberries in North Texas: SHADE! Everything I’ve read about growing strawberries stresses their need for access to adequate direct sunlight, but this is not only untrue, it's bad advice for Texans.  After 4 frustrating years and countless dollars spent on new plants (to replace those that burned up and withered away every July and August), I performed a last-ditch experiment in what I assumed was a useless portion of my garden due to its lack of exposure to sunlight—and finally enjoyed success with...